How To Choose Winning Lottery Numbers

Here are five important tips to think of next time you buy your lottery ticket. These suggestions will not boost your likelihood of winning but they can radically enhance the sum you secure if you do scoop the top prize.

These 5 lottery winning tips are based on avoiding the methods used by other people when selecting their lotto numbers. If you choose your numbers in a way that very few other people do, if you should win the lottery you won’t have to split it with a huge amount of fellow winners. If you do make the blunder of choosing your numbers in a similar fashion as a lot of other players, you could win only a fraction of the jackpot prize.

Here are the quick tips for ensuring that your lottery jackpot is the sum of money dreams are made of:

1. Do not settle on numbers that have already won, especially if they are from a recent draw. Countless players think that winning numbers are in some way lucky and therefore more likely to to be drawn again; obviously this is not true but a huge number of the public still choose their numbers in this way.

2. Do not decide on numbers based on sequences, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 01, 11, 21, 31, 41, 49. Many individuals love number patterns and you would be staggered at just how many people pick their numbers via this routine week in week out.

3. Do not decide on numbers that have been suggested by a lotto tips service; just think of how many other people will go with these numbers!

4. Don’t decide on numbers relating to family birthdays. Huge numbers of lottery players pick their birthday or the birthday of a colleague when selecting lottery numbers. But as we all know there are only thirty-one days at most in a month which means a lot of individuals decide on all their numbers from that range.

5. Do not select your numbers in a pattern layout on your play slip such as diagonal or straight lines in any direction. This is a very easy way of selecting your numbers so there is a very good chance that hundreds or even thousands of people are doing exactly the same.

The most straight forward method of picking better lottery numbers is to choose them entirely at random. You can do this by what ever method you are most comfortable with. A widely used method is to jot down the numbers for your preferred lottery on individual scraps of paper and then extract them from a bag; using this sort of selection method at least guarantees that your chosen numbers will definitely be picked at random.

Picking your numbers in this way by no means avoids the possibility of ending up with a poor set of numbers but it undeniably limits the potential of you having to share a lotto win with a selection of other lucky winners.


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