Euro Millions Syndicate

Lottery syndicates are a chosen lottery playing method for many people as they are a proven odds enhancer as well as being a cost effective way of playing lotteries.  We have highlighted two quality lottery syndicate systems for you to choose from where you can join the Euro Millions syndicate of your choice.

LoveMyLotto Syndicate

Welcome to Love My Lotto, the World’s only all inclusive multi-lottery syndicate system. The company was launched in December 2010 and gives lotto players a unique, cost effective and top quality gaming experience.

LoveMyLotto brings you three monthly lottery syndicate subscription types – Bronze (£12), Silver (£24) and Gold (£36). As opposed to signing up for a standard lotto syndicate where you participate in a specific lottery game, all the subscription products with Love My Lotto include you in a selection of different games each week.  If you are looking to join a EuroMillions syndicate you can indeed do that but you get a whole lot more than just entry into the EuroMillions lottery.  Whichever of the lottery syndicate plans you opt for, you will be given:

• Entries in Daily Draw
• Entries into Wednesday UK National lottery
• Entries into Friday EuroMillions
• Entries into Millionaire Raffle
• Entries into Saturday UK National lotto
• Entries in Premium Bond Draw

In addition to these great benefits, there are also additional top notch reasons to join a Love My Lotto syndicate. One in every four UK National lottery jackpots is picked up by a lotto syndicate (source: Camelot). The LoveMyLotto syndicates have a maximum of twenty-one individuals in each which means that any cash that a syndicate is awarded only has to be distributed between the 21 lotto syndicate players.

An additional excellent bonus is that once you are subscribed and have selected your syndicate, absolutely everything is looked after by Love My Lotto. As soon as you have selected your package you’re placed into the next available lottery syndicate, results are automatically checked against your lotto syndicate numbers and any money that you might of won is posted to your LoveMyLotto member’s area for you to withdraw whenever you choose. It really doesn’t get much easier than this!

Sign up to a LoveMyLotto EuroMillions syndicate today and discover this entirely new and exciting way of participating in multiple lotto games via this high calibre and professional lotto syndicate system.

Big Fat Lottos Syndicate

The Big Fat Lotteries EuroMillions syndicate was launched in 2010 and is the second offering of this global brand.  When you join a syndicate you are placed into a 59 strong team which allows you to play the EuroMillions online with 36 shared lines in each draw.

Each syndicate is allocated a unique set of five numbers from 1-50. The two lucky star numbers are guaranteed in every single draw as all permutations of the 11 lucky star numbers are catered for in a strict mathematical pattern.

As a result your syndicate only needs to match 1 of the 5 allocated lotto syndicate numbers to win a prize and match all 5 of them to win the massive Euro lotto jackpot.

Who Can Join a Euro Millions Syndicate?

To play EuroMillions the conventional way, you usually have to reside in one of the participating European countries. However, most individuals around the world can join a Big Fat Lottos syndicate from pretty much any country.

What is the cost of joining a Euro Millions Syndicate?

The cost of joining a Euro syndicate and benefiting from the Big Fat Lottos advantage is £5.00 GBP per week. You can pay a week at a time and play for as short or as long a spell as you like, be it one week, one month, or one year. You are not asked for any commitment and there is no contract to sign.


This is a top quality syndicate that carries great benefits. At a cost of only £5.00 GBP per week the Big Fat Lottos syndicate is a very cost effective way of playing this massive lotto game when you consider the convenience and odds advantage that it brings.

Discover all the advantages of playing in a Euro Millions syndicate with Big Fat Lottos today.