Euro Millions Statistics

By checking the Euro Millions statistics you may just find another way of choosing those lucky winning Euro Millions numbers and making your lottery dreams come true. We all have our very own unique ways of picking our numbers and checking out the statistics may help you fine tune your selection method.

The Euro Millions statistics not only supply you with information for up to one year, but also detailed information regarding each of the 1-50 main lotto numbers and the 11 lucky star numbers.

For each of the numbers, you receive a detailed analysis that indicates how many times each number has been drawn, the percentage frequency of each number being drawn and the date when each number was last drawn.

The chance winning any of the available prizes are 1 in 13 which is very good. In fact the odds of winning many of the smaller prizes are also good. However, to win the jackpot you have a 1 in 116,531,800 chance. Therefore by analysing the statistics you may just get yourself that little bit closer to realising your dream.

Discover the very latest Euromillions statistics which may help you in the next Euro Millions draw.