Euro Millions Scams

Being aware of Euro Millions scams is something all players should be careful of. Have you ever received a letter enclosing a cheque claiming you have won a prize in the Euro Millions lottery?  This is quite simply a scam and not even a very good one at that. Just remember that no genuine lottery company would ever act in this way since they would never expect you to pay out money to receive a Euro Millions prize in return.

The exact claim in the letter can vary, but tends to be along the lines of, ‘you have won $250,000 in the Euro Millions, the European Lottery’. It also encloses what appears to be a genuine cheque for around $3,500 and requests you contact them. At this point you should quickly recognise this to be nothing more than one of the many Euro Millions scams out there.

The cheque enclosed with the letter is supposedly to cover something ridiculous like ‘non-residence taxes on the winnings’ – The cheque is obviously fraudulent. The idea is that you bank the cheque and then feel confident enough to send the scammers some money for ‘processing your claim’. After all, you have nothing to lose, do you? WRONG. Even if the cheque clears at first, it will be traced later and once it has been spotted as fraud by the bank you will lose the money that was initially credited to you.

Needless to say, do not bank the cheque, and do not provide these people with any personal information. You would never enter your credit card into an untrustworthy website whilst playing internet blackjack or some casino game, or invest in a dubious investment, so don’t fall for the lottery scams either.

What Can I Do To Stop These Euro Millions Scams?

Report it to your local law enforcement agency and postal authorities. Depending on your country this may get some action, but it may not. However, if you don’t report it then nothing will happen and there’s a good chance someone else will get caught out soon.

Sorry if all this is a disappointment to you – but as ever, if you receive a notification that you have won anything in the Euro Millions and you never even entered the lottery, then it is clearly just another one of those scams. Never pay a ‘processing fee’ or provide your bank details in the hope of receiving a Euro lottery prize in the post. You will be disappointed.

Just remember that any genuine lottery organisation will never ask you to send them a payment just for releasing a prize to you.