Euro Millions Rules

In this section we aim to point out some of the more general Euro Millions rules that can effect the EuroMillions player. However, for the rules minded person the link at the bottom of this page offers a detailed explanation of all the rules.

One of the important rules to remember is that a prize can only be issued in the Country where the winning ticket was purchased. Therefore anyone who decides to enter the Euro Millions draw while on holiday is advised to check their Euro lottery numbers before commencing their trip home.

Anyone purchasing a Euro Millions ticket must be over the age of 18 (16 in the UK).

The UK Lotto, its agents or contractors are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets and it is the person who comes forward with the winning ticket who is deemed the rightful owner and not necessarily the purchaser. In other words if you mislay your winning ticket then the lotto prize can be legally claimed by the person who happens to find it. We are sure that this is a Euro Millions rule you will not forget in a hurry!

One of the Euro Millions rules that has altered is that of the number of times the Euromillions jackpot could roll over week after week. This came about as a result of the jackpot rolling over 11 times before it was finally won on the 3rd February 2006. The operators of the Euro Millions therefore decided that if the jackpot has not been won by the 12th time of asking then it would be distributed to the next highest winning tier. This is likely to be the ticket holder matching five main numbers and one lucky star number.

Visit detailed Euro Millions rules for a comprehensive list of playing procedures.